Class Room

         What comes to your mind when you think of a classroom?

A lecture hall? Rows of desks facing an instructor? A white board with faint notes from a previous class? A hanging clock that seems to tick slower than an actual second? Well, that’s pretty much what I imagine when I think of the word ‘classroom.’

           But, what if you could create your own classroom? What would it look like?

I mean it’s 2015. We’ve come so far the past 100 years, yet our classrooms haven’t changed. Of course you can throw some paint on the wall and call it a change, but it’s not real change. Don’t believe me? Just do an image search of ‘classroom.’

            At Experience Institute, we are focused on reinventing the classroom. Because not everyone can learn, let alone thrive, in a traditional classroom environment. And, we know where you learn is just as important as how we learn. Keep in mind that it is not our goal to replace the traditional classroom; we just want to provide another option for today’s large and diverse community of learners. Ei is the space for those who learn best in a more hands-on learning environment.

            Since, Experience Institute is based on experiential learning, the run of the mill classroom just won’t cut it for our students. This is why our classrooms are in companies and organizations all around the world. Our students will be completely immersed in 3-4 apprenticeships during their stint here and the choices of where to learn is constantly growing.

            So, if you’re a student interested in learning in a new type of classroom, apply here.

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